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    Anindita SenguptaSOME OF YOU have asked how you can help in the campaign against the attacks on women in Mangalore and Bangalore. Running a poster campaign in your neighborhood, college or office is a quick and easy way.  Here are some posters I’ve received from different organizations. Click on the download link to get a large-size version which you can print out. Make copies and put them up wherever you can. Continue reading

    and another birthday thought…

    UV’s BIRTHDAY? Usha and I looked at each other, our eyes saying ‘you mean it’s been a year?’

    Actually, at HHS, we can’t believe that a year has passed. Amidst our other work, the blog has been such an alive and vibrant platform. In the past, we had tried different ways for people to get together and engage with feminisms. Continue reading

    Taxing the Taxed: The Case for Differential Taxes

    WORLD OVER, tax is the highest source of government revenue. Even as the finance minister in India was raising the ceiling on taxable income for women, there was a petition in the Madras High Court questioning this. The petitioner alleged that the provision of taxing women less violates men’s constitutional right to equality. The HC, in turn, asked the Union Government to respond on why tax benefits should favour women. So why should men and women taxed differently? Continue reading

    Shedding the Ghunghat

    THIS REPUBLIC DAY, newspapers and TV channels said with much elation that the first Indian woman President was taking the Republic Day salute. But the image of the president in ghungat (veil over the head) itself was disturbing. (Ironically, Prathibha Patil kicked up a controversy during the run-up to the presidential election by commenting against the veiling of women.) Some may argue that wearing a ghunghat is a personal choice. But I feel that it cannot be because of what a ghungat represents and because it has a history of oppression and denial for women. Continue reading