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    and another birthday thought…

    UV’s BIRTHDAY? Usha and I looked at each other, our eyes saying ‘you mean it’s been a year?’

    Actually, at HHS, we can’t believe that a year has passed. Amidst our other work, the blog has been such an alive and vibrant platform. In the past, we had tried different ways for people to get together and engage with feminisms. One such endeavour was something called the ‘forum’ where someone would be invited to share their poetry, books, research or music. With Bangalore becoming a victim of traffic and ‘growth’ we were left with dwindling audiences. Though people wanted to come, it just was not practical to be physically present. The same issues cropped up when we started a young feminists’ network. It became difficult for a lot of people who were interested. We had just started hearing of blogs and thought maybe that’s an idea to stay connected and talk, opine and rejoice in being a feminist. Then, Anindita came along and UV was born.

    It has been a great forum so far and a learning and enriching experience for us. I hope those of you who have made it here, liked it. One concern that still remains is that a place like UV can only have people who have access to internet and English. We welcome your suggestions about expanding the areas that we talk about and we will certainly try to make this a place where many more can engage and debate about feminisms and social justice.


    2 Responses

    1. Indhu – just a suggestion – don’t know how feasible this is, or how relevant to specific audiences HHS may be talking to – does it make sense to compile relevant posts from UV and get them translated into Kannada to distribute as leaflets for women who may be interested in knowing more but don’t currently get much access to such material?

    2. award for u all on my blog

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