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    Who We Are

    Anindita Sengupta
    Executive Editor

    Anindita is a poet, journalist and freelance writer in Bangalore. Her poetry has appeared in several journals and anthologies including Pratilipi, Asian Cha, Quay, Kritya, and Mosaic (Unisun). In 2008, she won the Toto Award for Creative Writing. As a journalist, she writes about books, gender and travel. Her articles have been published in The Guardian Cif  (UK), Tehelka, The Hindu, Deccan Herald and Mid-Day. More at her website.

    Indhu SubramaniamIndhu Subramaniam
    Associate Editor

    Indhu is Director of Hengasara Hakkina Sangha. She has been engaged with women’s rights advocacy, research and activism for ten years. She is also part of an international network of young feminist activists and researchers brought together by DAWN (Development Alternatives for Women in a New era).

    Usha BNUsha BN
    Associate Editor

    Usha is a women’s rights activist and translator in Bangalore and Programme Coordinator at Hengasara Hakkina Sangha. She is also in charge of recruiting new members at UV, a task which causes many sleepless nights. She travels frequently and is interested in history, religion and spirituality.

    Dilnavaz BamboatDilnavaz Bamboat

    Dilnavaz is a preschool owner, educator, freelance writer and blogger in Mumbai. A mental health therapist by training, she worked on the Beverly Hills PR scene before returning to psychology, her first and true love. She is deeply committed to women’s empowerment, both for its own sake and for its ability to impact children’s lives.

    Meena KandasamyMeena Kandasamy

    Meena is a Chennai-based feminist writer who is obsessed with the Ambedkarite dream of caste-annihilation. She has translated half a dozen books related to the Dalit movement and/or Tamil nationalism. Her first collection of poems, Touch, was published in 2006. She is currently writing a novel. She blogs at Green Chilly.

    Sharanya Manivannan

    Sharanya currently lives in Chennai and is a writer and journalist. She is particularly interested in feminist perspectives of pop culture, women in the arts and the creation of a feminism that is relevant to India today. Her book of poems Witchcraft will be published later this year and she blogs here.

    Aparna Singh

    Aparna worked in the corporate sector for over seven years in Market Research & B2B Marketing. Currently she is experimenting with a more independent existence as a consultant with a start-up firm besides trying to channel the muse of writing. She has been interested in feminist issues for as long as she can remember even when she didn’t know there was a name for them. She is also a keen traveller, listener-of-music, reader and in general, a juggler of multiple things. She blogs at Apu’s World.


    11 Responses

    1. Hi,

      I am searching for some organizations working for domestic violence against women to help out a friend in Bangalore. Can you please give me pointers to some?

    2. Sej: I have sent you an email in response.

    3. hi!im a first year law student at national law school delhi.im a feminist too and its great to come across women who think the way i do.im looking forward to working for women.
      also,i loved the article on Domestic Violence by Payal Saksena.it was great.

    4. It is a shame that ‘feminists’ take pride in describing themselves as that.

      The ladies here should understand that like any other ‘-ism’, feminism is a divider of society, and sees the world through its very own eyes.

      Please do not divide society!

    5. Parthasarathy,

      You are talking about a division? I think this division was made by man(male) a long time ago. Adding an “ism” is just taking it to the next level where the ball is in our court.

      Have you heard such things being said to girls around you? “You are a girl you cant do this and you cant do that etc etc”
      I am sure you must have. So, there is already a difference in the society. Differences create divisions. So, now waht division are we talking about in this thread?

    6. This is to the UV team. I just happend to come accross this website. Its true that our country till today is dominated by male. but at the same time women are being provieded with a lot of liberation, growth and freedom. The question here is how do each one of us being a women taking responsibility of our own actions? Are we creating value for the society that we are living in or just blaming others for our own situation?

      This is just my view point. But i really think its wonderful to create such a huge forum who work towards resolving our countries major rute cause issue.. Kudos!!!

    7. hi all

      just a small note to say that you have a very interesting and inspiring series of narratives here. i like the non-theoretical approach, the real grappling with reality.
      i work in a movement called FIGHT-BACK that engages with gender violence in India.



    8. Oodles of support to you. Let me know how I can sign this and also ask like minded friends to sign this.

      Also if you know any friends in Bangalore please ask them to join a peace rally on 7th feb in Bangalore, as I do not have your e-mail ID please visit the blog to read the invitation. Kindly ask pepole to join.

      But one genuine expression. Karnataka CM isn’t worth giving a letter……one of the most useless CM’s I have seen in history, who is a blemish on the democracy for outrightly dismissing the respect for women via his inaction on Mangalore pub attacks.

      My ID is indraneelbm@yahoo.com and can contact me at 9342210058….politicians and business guys stay away please

    9. Dear Sisters:
      I am interested in contacting someone at the Karnataka Domestic Workers Union. I live in the U.S. and want to find out how we can partner to support this union.
      Thank you.
      Lorna Gonsalves

    10. I wish I could give you more support than words. I’m with you all. It it perverse and hideous what is happening in India. Women are part of the human society just like any male. Both were created by God or call it nature. All criminal acts must be punished. If the police cannot take action against criminals, the police should not be employed. I hope you have also got in touch with the UN women’s organization for help.
      God be with you.
      Isabella- Germany

    11. Jai Bhim
      Dear All
      Thanks for the effort, but am sos sorry to say,
      am so late to find out this blog
      Basic i am working with my community _ Dalit
      and about us there are lot of issues with in Dalit women rights, I think people like Meena will take that lead to write
      Thanks for your wondwerfull mission
      and wish you all the success

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