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    Anindita SenguptaSOME OF YOU have asked how you can help in the campaign against the attacks on women in Mangalore and Bangalore. Running a poster campaign in your neighborhood, college or office is a quick and easy way.  Here are some posters I’ve received from different organizations. Click on the download link to get a large-size version which you can print out. Make copies and put them up wherever you can. These are from Maraa. I think its very cool that they’re creating material in different languages.






    And here’s an e-poster from the people at Pink Chaddi Campaign. Send to everyone. 🙂


    4 Responses

    1. […] For more information, see the Pink Chaddi Campaign and Ultra Violet. […]

    2. […] the word, put it up on your web space, get more posters here. It’s a crying shame we need to fight for tolerance, but if that’s how we get to live […]

    3. Love the PCC poster! It’s up on my blog and I’ve linked to this post.

    4. Great work girls!

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