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    We’re now accepting new regular members as well as guest contributors.

    To be a regular member, you must be under 40, currently residing in India and willing to write on a regular basis. Region, religion, nationality, gender, caste and sexuality no bar. Write to us with a statement of interest and brief bio if you’re interested and we’ll get back to you.

    If you can’t contribute regularly and / or don’t fit the above criteria but feel that you have things to say that are pertinent to young women in India, please consider being a guest contributor. Submit your post along with a brief bio via email and it will be published if it’s both readable and relevant.

    2 Responses

    1. Dear UV:

      wonderful site (from an aged feminist foreigner pagolnari.blogspot.com) who is also blogging on 16 days of eliminating VAW.

      you might also check out narijibon.blogspot.com (next door in b-desh)–and/or their website. http://www.narijibon.com most of them (esp the female ones fit your criteria).

      good luck with your efforts and very gorgeous front page!

      (shob pagol nari–always crazy woman)

    2. love your blog and will blogroll it to mine….

      I have been to India (Tamil Nadu) three times to study yoga, and I love it. I consider TN to be my second home. but the way women are treated gives me pause, to say the least.

      I was in india this year and read and saw the news reports of the women were mauled on new years eve in mumbai and elsewhere. I read comments from indian men about how foreign women should “behave” in india. the blame the victim mentality is very prevalent in india.

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