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    Voices in my head

    By Niveditha Menon

    A few weeks ago, UV was agog with discussions about the lack of clarity around a very important issue. Frankly, I found the suggestions for greater clarity of position unproblematic. It is definitely useful to be able to name things. And yet, I thought, the point of the post was the very inability to articulate a response to what felt like an invasion of space. Whether it was a physical space, or an emotional one, seems to be missing the point. The point was that the author wanted to articulate this invasion which, by her experience, seemed to be beyond words.

    As feminists, we have historically been putting to words the silences that we experience. Yet, I think it would be a mistake to assume that these words can always capture the entirety of silence. So, what is to be done? Continue reading


    Matters of Maal

    a.k.a. The Day Feminism Crawled Out The Back Door

    Sahi maal hai” they said,

    as they walked down the street,

    breezing by me

    waiting patiently for a dear friend. Continue reading