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  • On Marriage

    Unmana DattaHELLO UV READERS! I’m excited to be writing my first post here. And going by the old feminist slogan, “the personal is political”, my first post is about something that is intensely personal: marriage. My views on marriage have always been ambivalent. Even as a child, I recognized that most marriages I saw around me were unsatisfactory and, almost always, unfair on the woman. But it seemed like the default option. Once you grew up, you got married. Usually by the time you were 25 if you were female. You had a few more years if you were male. Continue reading

    How to Eat A Wolf

    Does all lust start and
    end like this? Don’t get me
    wrong. I loved my wolf.
    I held him tethered like
    a pussycat. I nursed
    the rumble in his belly
    with hands gentle as a burglar’s.
    He lived on milk
    and blood and ocean. He
    had violets for his furs.

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