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    WE WILL BE continuing with regular programming but the Mangalore issue remains important and we don’t want to sideline it. So we’ll post updates as and when we receive any and links to those posts will also be available under “Read. Visit. Do.” at the top of the right sidebar. Thank you for all the support so far and please continue to send those names and messages in.


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    1. I do condemn the attacks that happened in Mangalore, but at the same time, I’m ammused to see the kind of noise, that all the media, elite mass has been able to create over this. True, any kind of attacks on women (or anyone for that matter), should be stopped. After all everyone has their freedom to choose where they wanna be at any point of time regardless of their gender.

      What makes me sad, is the fact that, the same women, who are crying against the attacks on pubs, remained nearly silent, when people were raping girls mindlessly during Orissa attacks. I wonder how many of these would’ve come forward if some attacks would’ve happened on women staying in slums? How many of these protest would’ve happened if women in villages would be rapped?

      Media today plays a big role in pressurizing government, but unfortunately such visual media in most cases is governed by those who are less worried about pains and worries of poor.

      In a way I see it as a positive outcome of this attack, which has been able to draw everyone’s attention and could put some pressure on the govt.

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