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  • “A Working Woman is a Housewife First”

    A WORKING woman is a ‘housewife first’, said a recent judgement from the High Court (HC) of Karnataka. The HC was approached by a woman petitioner after her passport application was rejected by the Passport Office on the grounds that she had not disclosed her employment with SBI in the application form. The Court ruled that there is no instance of suppression of facts, as a woman is a housewife first, implying that she may or may not choose to disclose her other occupations. Continue reading

    The Other ‘F’ Word

    FEMINISM n. Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.

    Oh wait. That was the dictionary definition.

    Let’s get real for a minute here.

    Feminism n. Strong, (therefore threatening), militant, bordering-on-violent, man-hating, bra-burning females.

    Which one do you think runs through the average person’s head when they hear that word? And you think this concept is irrelevant in these times? Think again. Continue reading

    Launching Ultra Violet

    IT’S A TIME of intense and rapid change in India. Women are stretching their wings, exploring new spaces and testing the boundaries of old ones. With more women working, traveling, living on their own or managing high-powered careers, new challenges have emerged. Some women are coping with increased independence or living alone. Others are trying to find new ways of balancing work and home or to negotiate parenting and child care.

    Then again, in some ways, the country has not changed enough. The sex ratio remains abysmal and female foeticide is routine despite the laws banning sex-selective abortion. Dowry deaths are common. Violent, heinous crimes against women abound. Women across class, region and religion become victims to domestic violence, acid attacks, sexual assault and rape.

    Despite the onset of MTV culture in some areas, sexual rights remains an area shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Many women still do not have knowledge or awareness about their own bodies. Sex education is denied in schools and girls grow up largely ignorant of both the pleasures and the perils of sex. Alternative sexuality is still largely unacceptable and lesbians face horrifying levels of social stigma and discrimination.

    Ultra Violet will give voice to what young Indian feminists feel about life in these times. It will be an interactive space for us to discuss feminism in the context of its relevance to our lives. It will be a place where we talk about the things that are important to us — both in our personal lives and in the larger world around us — and the ways in which we can react, respond, negotiate or protest.

    We hope to be informative, enlightening, provocative, inspiring, and (sometimes!) fun. Do drop in.

    More about us here.

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